He’s Like A Storm, But Calming.

He wasn’t supposed to be a part of you. From the very beginning, you knew he was trouble to your soul. Yet, you couldn’t fight it and you opened your heart to him.

All these while, you’ve built a wall inside your heart. But he, the heart to your soul, self-destructed at the sight of him. And so, you were convinced that you’re ready to do this; to start anew.

Especially the day he came knocking on your doors, it felt like skies were cleared from the grey and the moon shone brighter than before.

Together, you began planning for the future; Marriage. Kids. Pets. Everything. Both of you were perfect with the same dreams and goals for what the future may bring.

Day by day, you spent moments cuddling and waking up next to each other, but it was still never enough. You couldn’t believe what was in front of you, because never have you thought that you’d meet someone like him. Charming. Romantic. Intelligent. Everything was so perfect; so close to perfection indeed.

When he appeared in your life, you thought you finally found the one; your lifetime companion.

He, too, said he wanted you badly. But just when you thought you could take a step further, he backed out. He decided that you were too much for him, too much for his world. He decided to let you go.

Like all other lovers, he was like the light at the end of the tunnel, but never did you know that you got the wrong exit.

Suddenly, all the late nights spent together became memories that haunted you every second. You are lost. Confused. You aren’t sure if you’d be able to deal with this, without breaking yourself.

But I hope it wouldn’t take you long before you go back to where you were. Though broken, but this time round, you will become stronger. You will love better. You will find your worth.

And soon enough, you will find someone who looks you in the eye and say “you’re worth the wait.


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