Goodbye Isn’t Forever, Or Is It?

During a recent trip, I was told a beautiful love story.

Like novels, it is amazing how two people can find their way back to each other even after decades. But what’s harder to imagine are the milestones they missed out in each other’s lives.

I asked myself repeatedly,

“How did they do it? How can they stand being apart if they meant so much to each other?”

“Did everything stayed the same?”

“And why didn’t they try to work things out in the beginning?”

Then, I came to the realization that two people often needed to be apart to know the importance of each other. And despite all the time they were apart, they still loved like before and this time, they knew that they want to stay. They knew that they are each other’s pillar of support.

Often, many don’t get second chances after losing what they had. And those who did, did not take on that chance.

But I’m glad they did.

Because when they met again in the future, they were finally ready for each other. Indeed.

It was heartbreaking yet rejoicing because he thought his love was too much for her. He thought that she could only find her happiness without him in the picture.

It was only till they found each other again, they then realised that certain things didn’t change.

Their love story was so inspiring that I hope that the world could hear it. I hope that you, too, can be inspired by it and do not let go of the people who matter to you.

They were lucky to have found love again. But how often do chances like these happen?

So, if they do matter to you, tell them. Appreciate them today. Don’t wait till it gets too late. Don’t wait for second chances to appear.

Because they might be gone, forever.


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