Is going away mediocre?

Often, they say that we go away because of mediocrity, they say that we travel because it seems cool to be able to do so.

However, in the midst of all unsettling comments, I believe some of us would beg to differ.

And if we’re all on the same page, these are reasons why we go away:

We’re seeking for a fresh start.

Yes, we are searching for a new place to begin again. But truth be told, we are simply avoiding and escaping from issues that cannot be resolved no matter how hard we try to. These things.. they stay in your life and in your heart for as long as you are around. And regardless of the number of attempts we take to search for those answers, they are nowhere to be found.

It is only when we set foot into a foreign city, then we would be able to put it all behind us (even if it means temporarily). Because those things that affects us, they are non-existent in this foreign place.

We feel better.

Often, there are so much left unspoken. Because it doesn’t seem like there is a right person or a right time to tell. Even when we decide to, it doesn’t feel right to put others in your position either.

So, we get away. We go around and visit new places, hoping that those sceneries that take our breathe away would simultaneously take those thoughts away as well.

We’re finally on our own.

No matter how carefree you have been or how much freedom you have enjoyed. Nothing counts more than being able to deal with everything on your own, without anyone’s interference or having to think about how much your actions would affect your loved ones like it did back home.

Because this time, we’d finally be free (even if it means temporarily). And this time, we’d finally be able to stop searching for those answers that do not exist. This time, we hope that time would stay still for the time-being.


Growing Up.

time; it has a beautiful way of showing us what really matters.

Growing up, we took many things around us for granted. You might have thought that things always come easy, that people around you are always kind and that you’ll always have food on the table. But never have you thought that all that you had, was because of the people who loves you.

As a child, you were well sheltered and protected from all the things that could possibly hurt you. So much that you may have hated them for choosing your paths on your behalf, and for making certain decisions without your knowledge. But often, there is only this much that you could see. Beneath that, are things that no one would ever tell you as a child.

But as you grow, you start realising why they do what they did, and why they say what they said.

They told you to stop seeing a particular someone not because you’re too young for a relationship, but because they are trying to save you from a heartbreak.

They told you to stop hanging out with the same group of friends not because they don’t like you socialising, but because they are trying to protect you from the bad influences.

They told you to study hard to enter college not only because they could be proud of you, but because they want the best for you and they want to see you lead a comfortable life.

They want you to challenge yourself and be independent not so that they no longer have to worry, but because they are worried that you won’t be able to deal with the real world without them.

All these things that they do, it’s only because they want to protect you from the unforeseen. They didn’t want you to go through what they did, see their darling making the same mistakes they made and get hurt the same way they were. All these things that they do, they are simply telling you that they love you. Because no matter how much you’ve grown and how matured you have become, you will always be their gem.

And the thing you might not have realised about growing up is that, you will no longer be held in their arms and be guided through your every step. But they’d still do everything that leads you to your dreams. And little do you know is, they’ll always be your home to fall back on when things get rough.

Because in their eyes, you’ll always be their precious little one.

One Day.

One day it’ll all piece together.
One day it’ll all come as one.
One day it’ll all make sense.

One day you’ll understand why you went through the toughest paths.

The pain that you went through as a child, the imbalanced emotions, deprived encouragements and helplessness you felt because there was nothing you could do to salvage situations. But as you grew up, it was those things that made you a stronger person. It was those experiences that made you accept vulnerability. It was those times that made you want to help others relieve themselves from powerless situations. Simply, you wish that no one else should and would go through what you went through — because it wasn’t easy, and that not everyone will come out fine like you did.

One day you’ll see how far you’ve come and be proud.

The number of times you failed, the people you lost and the paths you chose only to realize that they were all dead ends. There will come a day when you finally understand that all paths lead to different destinations, and that there is no best route to embark on. And perhaps, you will never have answers to all that mattered, but that is okay. Because life is about the chase, it is about navigating through the unnavigable and each step forward is enlightening. So Darling, every wrong turn and every wrong step will do you no harm but only to deepen your beautiful story.

One day you’ll understand that things doesn’t always go your way.

The things that you prayed for weren’t answered, your expectations were not fulfilled and you probably empathised with others more than they did with you. Well, not everyone shines through the dark, and definitely not everyone sees the same light as you. But be sure, there will come a day where you will find happiness in the little things you can do for them. And on that day, you would realise that it is okay if things aren’t as planned, and not all routes lead to the destinations that you’ve taken off for.

One day you’ll realise that you just haven’t found your person and be glad.

The person whom you thought is the love of your life, the one who could walk down the aisle with you, left without saying a word. This person became nobody overnight. And yes, the healing process wouldn’t be easy, no one ever said it will be. But things will take a turn eventually, and when you get there one day, you’ll finally understand why it turned out that way. And maybe then, you just haven’t found your person.

One day, you’ll understand why everyone else left. When that day arrives, you’ll be the reason why someone stays. You’ll be the reason someone believes again. You’ll be the person they thought they’d never find. You’ll be their fight and they’ll do anything to keep you. One day, you’ll be the person they choose over and over again. And on that day, it will be the right kind of happiness that you deserve.

And one day, you’ll see beneath your beautiful. Then maybe, you’ll finally learn to love yourself and be contented with the things that made you who you are.

Be the one.

When the world turn their back against you, be the one who doesn’t do the same.

Be the one who perseveres. The one who doesn’t see it as a reason to leave. The one who stays. Be the one who still sees the good in people. Be the one who forgives.

In this tough battle, be the one who chooses to fight. Who chooses to fight despite the pain. Who chooses to stand firmly to the ground and to not get knocked down. Who chooses to jump over the hurdles, and to endure through all the challenges. No matter how hard they may seem to be.

Be the one who fights for what’s right for the world. Who constantly believes that life will get better with the days. Be the one who doesn’t walk away when things go wrong. Who doesn’t turn away.

Be the one who fights for the people you love. Who chooses love over hate. Be the one who is thankful for the things that you have. Who doesn’t take love for granted.

Be the one who recognises good things. Who chooses not to run away in fear of getting run over. Be the one who never takes advantage of it.

Be the one who is kind. Who is genuine and sees things with bright eyes. Be the one who priorities your family and friends. Who doesn’t neglect people who cares. Who greets others with softened eyes and an open heart. Be the one who appreciates people who pushes you to be better.

Be the one who trusts. Who doesn’t let anyone down. Who follows through the good times and the bad. No matter how rough the world gets. No matter how tough the battle is.

Be the one who stays.

Don’t go around looking, you are your own person.

You are capable of being your own person.

I hope you listen to your heart and mind before you listen to somebody else’s, run through your thoughts before getting ideas from others. Because truthfully, only you know your real self, and only you are capable of figuring things out.

I hope you understand that no one will always be there to guide you back if you lost your way. This journey is yours to begin with. You have to be the one who searches for your passion, for where you want to be and for the life that you want to lead. Everyone else is running their own race, and no one will disrupt their pace to save yours.

I hope you know that you are capable of getting to the finishing line without the help of others, because you are your own catalyst. 

I hope you learn that you can be comfortably happy on your own. Because it is perfectly fine to want things that others don’t, or have a personality that the crowd do not favor. You have to be the one who sees yourself in a different light, win your fight and love your own life.

At the end of the day, everyone wears their own masks; and darling, only you know who you truly are and the stories behind. No one sees the things you see, no one feels the things you feel and no one knows the thoughts that keep you up at twilight.

I understand that this journey on your own may be tiring, unbearable. But have faith, because till the day you found your other person, you are your own person. And when the day ends, you’ll be glad you did it all on your own.

With the hardships that you’ve been through, you’ll grow.

Sometimes, it’s the deepest pain that makes you grow.

It’s the people whom you lost that makes you appreciate what you have. It’s the disappointments that made you wiser. It’s the challenges you face that makes you determined.

Hardships are bound to occur. Like pain, it’s inevitable. To most, experiencing hardships would help us grow, be more mindful and that’s how we get better at what we do. That’s how we become a better version of ourselves. That’s when we begin to truly understand ourselves. And, that’s how we know where we’re heading.

Truthfully, without pain and hardships, we could be better off. But without them, we wouldn’t be able to see what we saw. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to feel what we felt. And without them, we wouldn’t be able to battle against life’s toughest paths.

No one loves pain, no one loves hardships, for that i’m sure.

From the beginning, one decides their path and exposes themselves to vulnerability. We can’t just decide that we want our journey to be pain-free, neither would we be able to know the optimal path to take.

“So what do I do?” You’d ask.

“Nothing.” I’d say. “Embrace it, make peace with it.”

We wouldn’t be able to predict what’s gonna happen in years to come. But we can decode the message behind the pain and hardships. We must understand how the pain and hardships are stepping stones to help us get to our destination.

Eventually, the greatest pain is not about surviving the aftermath. The greatest pain is when you give the world another chance, knowing that it will open wounds again and still hoping that the world is as kind as you are.

Anyhow, we live to learn, we learn to make mistakes and we make mistakes to learn. I hope this helps you to find order in your complexity.

I’m certain, if we would choose, we would want to live without pain and hardships. But we can’t, so I hope that you’d choose to forgive and forget.


There is always one person from your past whom is untouchable.

Untouchable because you thought you could be there for each other, but couldn't. Untouchable because you tried your best to make things work, but it seemed impossible. Untouchable because you thought they were your destination, but turns out that it was just a stopover.

Reminiscing the beginning, everything fitted so nicely. You had endless conversations, you couldn't get enough of their presence and everything just seemed to be happening for a reason.

But one day, all of a sudden, things went downhill. You didn't value each other like before anymore. You didn't make time for each other like you did in the beginning. And things went out of hand, you felt like you were losing what you had. The foundation that you built on, it was slowly breaking into bits and pieces. As this went on, you realised that it wasn't worth holding on anymore.

Then, you let go.

You let go not because you stopped loving each other. Not because you no longer care. And certainly not because you’ve lost the touch. But because leaving will do you good. It will bring both of you to a better place. And possibly, the next person who comes along, he or she will be someone of your dreams.

Yet, this person never leaves; because those feelings for them do not get lost, they just wander.

And, there may come a day where you realize that you could still pick things up from where you left off. However, like assembling the shattered pieces of a broken vase, it won't look whole anymore.

There, you'd realise that this person who was the soul to your heart, becomes untouchable; where words could only be spoken through tears.

My love, you formed such an important part of my life, yet we're so far apart. But I'm glad that you were part of it, because i wouldn't want to spend those times any other way.

We always knew that it was tough moving forward, but it was even tougher trying to make things work. While it was easier to stop hurting each other, because we deserve magic and nothing less.