Read This If Your Family Broke Apart.

Fret not. Even if things doesn’t seem fine for you right now, they will be. One day, you would understand that your parents did everything they could to save their marriage and your family from breaking apart. But, there is only so much that they can do and it is often for the better.

Looking back, most of your time may be spent watching them having endless arguments. Anger. Disagreement. Violence. It must have been unpleasant to witness. Yet, there was nothing that you could do to help.

Gradually, you felt like no one could understand the circumstances you’re facing in your life, and neither could they think in your shoes. There, you started building an indestructible wall, so that you could save yourself from explanations and what not.

But soon enough, you realized that you are suppressing all your emotions by putting up a strong front, so that no one could see through your heart.

Well, people thought you were difficult. Withdrawn. Unfriendly. But in fact, you just needed your own space, so that no one will have to be bothered by your struggles.

Now, I want you to know that it is okay to talk about it. It is okay to allow yourself to let loose, share your fears and anxieties. Do not be afraid to open up.

I also need you to know that things will fall into place eventually, and everything will start afresh. Because then, you will see that everyone is in a better place. Happier.

I understand that there may be times of reminiscent, when you felt like you lost it all; all the good times you had as a family. But i want you to continue fighting for yourself, and that you’ll never let this bring you down.

Because you should never lose faith. Don’t allow yourself to.

What It Means To Love Someone.

Often, many are torn between the idea of loving someone or truly loving the person. Of course, some of you might have found your answers, but many are still lost in the journey of searching for it.

Often, many are torn between the idea of loving someone or truly loving the person. Of course, some of you might have found your answers, but many are still lost in the journey of searching for it.

Well, you meet someone, date them and decide if you want to be committed to them. But when you lose someone, you don’t get to decide when you would stop missing them or when you would stop fighting for them. Perhaps, you could ask yourself if you really do love them or simply love the idea of them.

In the topic of love, there might be no clean lines between both, but if you love someone:

1. They might not be perfect, but they are for you.
As cliche as it might sound, no one is perfect because we all have flaws.
But you know it’s love when all you want is to fit into the gaps between both of you. You would love all of their flaws, be it their messy bed hair, bad habits or even their culinary skills that constantly needs improvement.

And you’d come to realize that all these flaws that had once mattered so much no longer exist, because they are perfect for you.

2. You want to chase their dreams with them.
Their dreams become yours, and you’ll do all that it takes to make them come true. Although, there might be times when you do not agree with each other, but you’d still want to be there to support all their decisions. Through the good and the bad, together, always.

3. You trust them.
Love is trust. Be it they are out to party or simply to hang out with their friends, you do not start questioning them or request that they report their whereabouts. You give them space and allow them to have their own time.

4. You want them to be happy.
Nothing else matters more than seeing them happy. Even when there comes a day that they decide to leave, you allow them and you let them go.

The pain is excruciating. So I understand if you can’t resist that urge to continue fighting for them, but believe me, eventually you will compromise. Yes, you lost them and you feel painful. Hurt. But as days passes by, you’d feel glad that they are leading a happy life.

And love, is feeling happy when you see that they are.

In the journey of love, we meet people, lots of them. But how often do you meet someone and end up loving them?

Everyone falls in love, and everyone has a different journey, but yours would be your favourite. Eventually. Definitely. I promise you.