Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trust yourself, trust your journey, trust changes. Stay true to yourself and live a fulfilling life.

“He’s so kind.” A word so often used, yet in so many different contexts. 

And as much as you think that it should only revolve about how one treat others.. To all the good souls out there, it isn’t 🙂

Be kind to others, but be kind to yourself too. Because, you’re one of a kind.

Don’t be hard on yourself. 

Trust yourself, trust your journey, trust changes.

Indeed, the world is complicated and human minds are so hard to grasp. And you’ve got so much to achieve before reaching your dreams. Because like many others, you prayed for the carefree life and the days you could finally slow your pace.

Truth is, the world is gonna get more complexed, and that we are gonna wish for more things; both material and spiritual. There never seem to be enough time, is there?

So don’t take it on yourself and your lifetime. Instead, be kind to yourself and prioritise things that will lift your life. Sure, everyone is capable of more, but I’m more certain that it will be more fulfilling to live a life that is enough; live a life that is not too hard on yourself.

You can’t forget, but you can forgive.
One pointer so essential, yet always seemingly out of reach.

In a lifetime, there are so many paths we have came and will come across. Along this journey, we’ve met people who played crucial roles in our lives; friends, enemies or even that passerby you just went past.

Be it good or bad roles, or even people whom you wish you had never met, they made you who you are. Most importantly, they taught you how it feels to have likes and dislikes, to care, to love; life lessons that you would never have it another way.

Yes, there might be unforgettable yet impactful moments. And it would seem impossible to erase those memories, but I only have one thing to ask of you; be kind to yourself and move on.

It might not be a smooth one ahead, but better things will come along and I can assure you that you would come off stronger and tougher.

Stay true.
Along with all the societal standards that is seemingly adhered to, are you still you?

Before following through, step outside of the picture and think again, would you still be you? Would you be a happier you? If yes, go ahead and give it your best. Otherwise, then is it really worth taking that route just because everyone else is on it?

Sure, I said to trust changes, but not to become someone whom you are not; not when you begin losing yourself. Be kind, be yourself.

Remember, one of a kind.