Don’t go around looking, you are your own person.

You are capable of being your own person.

I hope you listen to your heart and mind before you listen to somebody else’s, run through your thoughts before getting ideas from others. Because truthfully, only you know your real self, and only you are capable of figuring things out.

I hope you understand that no one will always be there to guide you back if you lost your way. This journey is yours to begin with. You have to be the one who searches for your passion, for where you want to be and for the life that you want to lead. Everyone else is running their own race, and no one will disrupt their pace to save yours.

I hope you know that you are capable of getting to the finishing line without the help of others, because you are your own catalyst. 

I hope you learn that you can be comfortably happy on your own. Because it is perfectly fine to want things that others don’t, or have a personality that the crowd do not favor. You have to be the one who sees yourself in a different light, win your fight and love your own life.

At the end of the day, everyone wears their own masks; and darling, only you know who you truly are and the stories behind. No one sees the things you see, no one feels the things you feel and no one knows the thoughts that keep you up at twilight.

I understand that this journey on your own may be tiring, unbearable. But have faith, because till the day you found your other person, you are your own person. And when the day ends, you’ll be glad you did it all on your own.


With the hardships that you’ve been through, you’ll grow.

Sometimes, it’s the deepest pain that makes you grow.

It’s the people whom you lost that makes you appreciate what you have. It’s the disappointments that made you wiser. It’s the challenges you face that makes you determined.

Hardships are bound to occur. Like pain, it’s inevitable. To most, experiencing hardships would help us grow, be more mindful and that’s how we get better at what we do. That’s how we become a better version of ourselves. That’s when we begin to truly understand ourselves. And, that’s how we know where we’re heading.

Truthfully, without pain and hardships, we could be better off. But without them, we wouldn’t be able to see what we saw. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to feel what we felt. And without them, we wouldn’t be able to battle against life’s toughest paths.

No one loves pain, no one loves hardships, for that i’m sure.

From the beginning, one decides their path and exposes themselves to vulnerability. We can’t just decide that we want our journey to be pain-free, neither would we be able to know the optimal path to take.

“So what do I do?” You’d ask.

“Nothing.” I’d say. “Embrace it, make peace with it.”

We wouldn’t be able to predict what’s gonna happen in years to come. But we can decode the message behind the pain and hardships. We must understand how the pain and hardships are stepping stones to help us get to our destination.

Eventually, the greatest pain is not about surviving the aftermath. The greatest pain is when you give the world another chance, knowing that it will open wounds again and still hoping that the world is as kind as you are.

Anyhow, we live to learn, we learn to make mistakes and we make mistakes to learn. I hope this helps you to find order in your complexity.

I’m certain, if we would choose, we would want to live without pain and hardships. But we can’t, so I hope that you’d choose to forgive and forget.